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Tuesday May 23, 2017
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Fiestas in Mexico

12 Festival du Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
December 12th.


On December 9th, 1531 Juan Diego, a poor Indian, was searching for water in a deserted area of Mexico City.  On a hilltop he saw a vision of a beautiful lady who pointed him towards a stream of water.  A few days later, on December 12th, he saw the same vision in the same spot.  The lady spoke to Juan Diego and told him to go to the church officials and tell them to erect a church in her name.  The officials, not believing a poor Indian would see a vision of the Virgin Mary, asked for proof of this.  Diego returned to the hilltop where he again saw the Virgin.  She gave Diego many roses, which did not grow in this area at this time of year.  Diego gathered the blooms in a blanket and returned to Mexico City.  When he showed the blooms to the officials, there on his blanket was a perfect image of the Virgin Mary, exactly as Diego has described.  Soon construction of a church began.  Thus, this brought about the uniting of Indian religion and Catholic beliefs.  Today, thousands of people travel, many on bicycles,  to the Basilica of the Virgin Mary to pray and view the image of the Virgin, which is in an ornate and impressive gold frame.  Many people travel hundreds of yards on their knees to the church.  Fiestas are held all over Mexico in honor of the Virgin Mary.

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